Ventoy: Create bootable USB flash drives

Ventoy is an open source program that creates bootable USB flash drives using ISO images.

The Ventoy is a free program, open source, equivalent to Rufus. That is, it can create bootable USB flash drives (or dvds, or SD, or SSD) with the operating system of your choice. The difference with Rufus is that it puts the ISO image of the operating system in the flash and does not export it.

Even better, it is possible to insert multiple ISO images into the USB device after it has been prepared by Ventoy. This allows you to boot into different Linux systems or install different versions of Windows directly from a single USB device.

The Ventoy developer is very active and is constantly updating its versions. The last update is 1.0.31 and was presented on December 23rd. The program has support for Secure Boot, for ISO / WIM / IMG / VHD (x) / EFI images, for changing the file system of the first partition (FAT32 / exFAT / ntfs / udf / xfs / ext2 / ext3 / ext4) . Support for various Linux distributions such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint and finally support for automatic installation.

The latest version of Ventoy introduced many new features and improvements. Adds support for instant booting of wim files (old BIOS and UEFI). Allows you to boot directly from disk without additional memory requirements. The system uses the native Windows bootloader (old type + UEFI) and it is possible to customize the configuration using the bcd file.

In conclusion
Ventoy is a powerful tool. One of its main features is that you insert ISO images directly into the device instead of having to export them. A second is that it supports multiple ISO images.

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