Ventoy easily bootable USB on Windows and Linux

The Ventoy app is proof that there will always be new ideas for established tasks. This is a free program that can create bootable USB for ISO files.

The Ventoy application installs the files needed for a bootable USB by creating a stick that will start your computer.

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But the good news comes after installing Ventoy bootable files on USB. The properly configured free USB space can accept as many copies as you want ISO, Windows, or Linux.

USB with Ventoy bootable files will boot up and show you a boot menu to select the operating system you want.

According to the official website, it has been tested and works with over 700 ISO files. I personally tried it by creating a USB that contained 2 different Windows (10 and 11)

It is very simple to use, and supports Legacy and UEFI boot menus.

Download the application for the platform you are interested in.

Fillet Released Size 2021-09-27 12 MB
ventoy-1.0.53-linux.tar.gz 2021-09-27 16 MB

I tried the application on a Linux system (it has CLI and GUI options) and I was very happy with the result. I imagine the Windows application will be no different.
Open the application, Select from "Options" if you need Secure Boot, put your USB in a port that your computer. If the application does not "see" it, click on refresh.

screenshot 2021 10 02 02 10 46

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Then click on install and in a few seconds you are ready. Immediately after you can add as many ISOs as you want to your USB, and they will appear in the boot menu, as shown in the first image.

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