Ventoy multiboot USB creator 1.0.79

The popular Ventoy multiboot USB creator utility has been updated today to version 1.0.79, a stable release that adds support for new ISOs and fixes several bugs.


The new Ventoy 1.0.79 version also supports Fedora CoreOS, a minimal Linux distribution developed by the Fedora Project and funded by Red Hat after the acquisition of the CoreOS Linux project in January 2018. So currently the application officially supports more from 940 ISO.

The Ventoy 1.0.79 release brings several bug fixes that were present in Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based distributions that used an external kickstart file, a bug that caused the VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT option to have no effect on openSUSE Linux.

Also fixed a bug discovered in the Ventoy2Disk.gtk file that caused the USB reserved space to not contain the digit 9.

In addition to that, Ventoy 1.0.79 reverts the Super-UEFIinSecureBoot-Disk utility to version 3.3, updates the vtoyboot utility to version 1.0.24, which fixes a bug when starting grub2-editenv.

If you use Ventoy to create multiboot USB drives, you can download version 1.0.79 for 64-bit GNU/Linux distributions, for Windows, or as a Live ISO from official site. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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