Vercetti Regular award-winning sans serif by F. Fragogiannis

Η Vercetti Regular is a font without serif which combines elements from humanistic and geometric design. Her character structure is solid and relatively conventional, allowing her to seamlessly integrate into various projects design, such as publication design, corporate identity and advertising. It is also an ideal choice for website design, letterheads, posters and short texts.vercetti regular

Morphologically, the Vercetti it has a fairly rectangular appearance while achieving balanced proportions. These features contribute to optimal text readability, especially at smaller sizes. The subtle ink traps (ink traps) support letter clarity, even in limited text fields.

The font Vercetti designed to be a trusted choice for professional designers, graphic design students and the general public. It is freely available for personal and commercial use, under license Licence friend, which allows the user to freely share font files with friends and colleagues. THE Vercetti Regular it is an effective design element, easily accessible by the creative community and any interested party.

«We believe that everyone should have access to quality design tools. Having the font for free Vercetti Regular, we hope to support the creative efforts of designers, facilitating them to create valuable visual communication projects».

Η Vercetti Regular it includes a total of 326 characters, with numbers, symbols, punctuation and accents, allowing it to be used in any European language based on the Latin alphabet. The planning process began in April 2021 and despite the distance, the two designers Filippos Fragogiannis and Richard Mandona they worked closely together, exchanging observations on its coherence and development Vercetti.

It was published on September 8, 2022. Within the first few months of its release, the font Vercetti Regular recognized in category Typeface Design in the international 13th Annual Typography Competition, organized by Communication Arts in the United States of America. Along with 13 other great fonts, the Vercetti was one of a total of 137 entries honored in the competition.

A little later, the Vercetti participated in a collective exhibition at Museo Santo Domingo in Peru and received yet another award after securing first place in the category Typographic Design in Peru Design Biennial 2022. Finally, the popular community Awards included her Vercetti Regular at 100 Best Free Fonts for 2022.

"Given that the evaluation of typefaces is usually based on a number of criteria, including aesthetic features, technical excellence, innovative approach and cultural significance, we are pleased that the features embodied in Vercetti they are distinct».

Its design Vercetti fleshed out existing thinking around old, free software available on the internet. By recomposing parts of an earlier edition, the Vercetti Regular upgraded in every way to be a distinctly upgraded descendant of it MgOpen Moderna, an open source font designed by Magenta Ltd in 2004. Mwith renewed aesthetics, h Vercetti Regular can now be used for new purposes, while highlighting the fact that outdated, ineffective or inadequate digital fonts can be transformed and placed in a current context.

"This approach not only revives the aesthetics of older typefaces, but also encourages designers to look for creative ways to redesign existing elements design, giving them new life and perspective with their intervention».

Ο Philip Fragogiannis is responsible for conceiving its theme, direction and content Vercetti Regular, while the Richard Mandona handled the technical part of the design of the typeface and contributed to the capture of its individual characteristics. Detailed fixes and improvements were made to create a functional and up-to-date font.

Designers express the desire of most users to discover the Vercetti Regular and look forward to seeing its visual simplicity in use. Finally, they would like to especially thank them Valerio Monopoli (Morula Type), Christian Gruber (Scifipoetry), David WILLid (W Type Foundry), Adrien Midzic (Pizza Typefaces) and Matthieu Salvaggio (Blaze Type) for their kind support and contribution to the realization of this font.

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