The results of the CYBERKID online action are very important

Very important and positive are the results of the online action "CYBERKID"Since its inception

Particularly great is the visitor's traffic to the site as well as the corresponding website at Facebook

At the same time, a large number of "smart" device users (smartphones, tablets) installed the application (application) CYBERKID

Particularly positive and with significant results is the response of the citizens to the operation of the innovative online action "CYBERKID" of the Hellenic Police Force Prosecution Directorate.

The action shows remarkable statistical results, which relate to the high traffic of Internet users to and the corresponding facebook page. Large is also the number of citizens who have installed the application  "CYBERKID" on smart smartphones, tablets.

Here is a brief description of the action "CYBERKID" which is being developed on the official website, the facebook page and the innovative application for mobile devices, while analyzing the statistics recorded by the action since its inception.

  • Web page

To useful information and advice on how the whole family can benefit from the benefits of the modern technologies that surround us and, of course, the internet.

In the context of continuous updating and development of the site the "Digital Alan" section was recently created, where children can play their favorite electronic games with complete protection against the dangers they face on the internet. Toys, 31 as a whole, have modern graphics and rapid evolution to keep children's interest immature in Digital Alana.

The site was further enriched with two new sections. The "CyberAlert" section, where the public can be informed about the most frequently occurring online hazards and the "News" section where the Electronic Crime Prosecutors communications are posted.


Overall the website he's got 2.283.861 views from 196.401 users of the internet, from October of 2011, with the 1.820.112 projections (percent 80%) to be achieved from May 2014 to date.

Website traffic statistics, from October 2011 to the present, are as follows:


Below is the traffic of the site since its inception:


  • Application Cyberkid for portable devices (APPS)

The Cyberkid application for "smart" portable devices (mobile, tablets) was created to inform parents and children of every family every day, even when away from home, about issues related to safe Internet surfing and the dangers underpin it.

At the same time, it is an interactive application that enables direct communication with the Crimes Command Line through the CYBER ALERT line, but also through the sending of an email using a button, while there is the possibility of entertainment through the CYBER ALERT line. various toys.


In particular, statistics relating to users downloading the above application to their devices, from June 2014 for IOS and Android and from the end of December of 2014 for Windows, developed to date, are as follows:

Operating system
IOS Android Windows Total
Application Cyberkid 2.220 4.973 80 7.273
Kototrela 0 2.801 0 2.801
I dress my doll 787 1.596 0 2.383
Footbaths 0 879 252 1.131
Buckets 1.490 1.799 788 4.077
Snake 1.810 0 3.201 5.011
  • Total resonance (all apps for all functional): 22.676 installations.



Indicative user feedback and rating with excellent 5 stars on the Android platform:


  • Cyberkid page on Facebook

The Cyberkid Facebook Page was created in May of 2014 to enhance the visibility of the site social media.


It is particularly striking, as 2.450 Facebook users have already said they like and follow their activity. Still many times they are posting their posts through the Facebook platform. In total, 108 posts have been placed on the above page by the Electronic Crime Prosecution.

As can be seen in the screenshot below, the posts of the page cause the interest of the audience, attracting many people and communicating to the user profiles several times.


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