The My Health application was released by the Greek Government

The application for mobile phones "My Health" was released today by the Greek Government. This is a new electronic health booklet.

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The Hellenic Republic (Greek Government) has just released the My Health application where it is available for anyone who wants to download it and install it on their mobile phone. Simultaneously with its release, the application was presented by the Minister of Digital Governance and State, Kyriakos Pierrakakis together with the Minister of Health Vassilis Kikilias.

It currently includes a digital dossier with all intangible prescriptions for medications as well as referrals for diagnostic tests. It presents separately those that "run" and have not been executed, with those that have been executed in the past. So in a way, it also holds your history.

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Of course, due to the fact that the information contained in the application is of the utmost importance and criticality, in terms of personal data, the appropriate measures have been taken to access the application. To connect to the database you will need to enter your passwords on taxisnet, or your passwords via a bank.

MyHealth app also displays all prescriptions and referrals for protected adult members. While the e-prescribing system has been in place since 2011, citizens do not have access to their own personal or family data, they do not know what has been prescribed by their doctor, unless they keep their own diary.

Of course, this is not entirely true, as with the intangible prescription for each transaction comes a message on your mobile phone from IDIKA (as well as email), which is somewhat of a history. But it is not legible and so with My Health things become easier to use.

According to the announcements of the Government, the goal is to enrich the history of electronic prescribing with the results of the patient's medical examinations, regardless of in which hospital unit, clinic, or health center in the country they took place, the patient's medical history etc. so that his medical records "follow" him everywhere. On the other hand, this means that the state will keep a database with all the above that will concern you.

You can download it from the Google App Store. It seems that it has not been released for iOS mobile phones yet, as we did not find it in our search.

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