Prank victims called the Fire Brigade for free Internet

Free Internet; The Firefighting phones were bumping in the evening, not because of a fire, but because of a prank made by a Facebook user.Victims of prank for free internet

More specifically, Friday night, the Fire Brigade Police Directorate informed that an unusually large number of calls to the 199 emergency number were observed, causing the system to overload and to see a great deal of slowness and difficulty in dealing with emergencies.

A web-based survey found that a social network was spreading a malicious message encouraging users to call 1998 to earn as a gift of 500 MB data or 500 minute minutes for mobile networks.

As a result, a large number of users of the social networking site who saw the malicious posting called the above number, the first three digits of which correspond to the nationwide emergency number at the 199 Fire Department Business Center.

The Electronic Crime Prosecution Directorate conducts a search to identify a web user who has posted the message.

(With information from RES-ICU)


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