Facebook scam with the AirAsia QZ8501 crash

The scammers on the internet are relentless and do not hesitate to use current tragic events to achieve their goals.

The recent disaster of the flight could not escape their trap AirAsia QZ8501 as it is the first issue in news agencies all over the world.Virus in program code AirAsia QZ8501

It has been a matter of time until cybercriminals have benefited from the publicity of the matter to deceive users in order to direct them to dangerous websites.

A message is being released today on Facebook and claims to show plans to crash AirAsia's airplane.

The fake video will take you to bergkids [.] Com / qz8501, a Facebook-like page.

AirAsia QZ8501

Beyond that, even if the user does not realize that it is a scam and at the same time still wants to watch the video, the only available option is to click play the video.

The bogus website will encourage the user to share this video on Facebook and then redirect it to a next fake YouTube-like site. The second fake page is urvashi [.] Altervista [.] Org / video / vid [.] Php

AirAsia QZ8501

And in this case, the only clickable spot is the supposed play of the video, which asks you to share it on Facebook.

For a user who always likes to take a closer look at the websites he enters, he will see that he can not access the comment section, either describing what one has to do to watch the video or displaying false responses from people who seem to have already seen the video.

In most cases, all these answers and comments are just a picture and a click on any point of it has no response.

Its purpose is to attract the power victim to share fraud with his friends. The site, after the second click, redirects you to a list of addresses where it will again ask you to share it etc etc ..

AirAsia QZ8501

Christopher Boyd from Malwarebytes says that the ultimate goal of deception is for the victim to complete the entire path of the false pages for which scammers will be paid.

All of the above may seem to you a zero risk, but often scammers use the same tactic to collect personal information (email address, phone number) from the victim.

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