VLC 360: Try the new VideoLAN application

VLC 360 is a preview version of our well-known VLC Media Player. The media player, as you know, is cross-platform and works on Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile devices.

The preview version is called VLC 360 to show the main feature of the new app that is playing and presenting 360 video and photos.

VLC 360 is provided as a preview application, only for Windows and MacOS. The company plans to release the VLC with 360-level functionality for all platforms such as Android, iOS and Xbox One when the final release is officially released.VLC 360

So VLC 360 is a VLC Media Player at its core but also features features that allow it to play 360 videos. You may already know the operation from YouTube or other video websites on the Internet.

You can download the new 360 VLC from the project website, listing the following features of the new application:

Playing 360 ° videos following spatial video features
Shows photos of 360 degrees and panoramic images that follow spherical features.
Supports zoom, small planet and reverse small planet
Control with mouse and keyboard
Open source code.
Optimized with OpenGL and Direct3D11.

The project website features 360 ° videos and photos that you can download to test the functionality of the application.

Let's say the final version will be seen by 2017 when development is over. We should remind you before you try the application that it is a technical preview, so you are most likely to experience malfunctions.

Download the new VLC 360

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