Vim 9.0 has just been released

After many years of incremental improvements, Vim is taking a big step with a major release. In addition to many small additions, a new version of the Vim script language is coming. the Vim9 script:


Γιατί χρειάζεται ένα νέο script language; Vim script grows over time while maintaining backwards compatibility. This means that all the bad scripts of the past are not changed because doing so may affect compatibility. This limited the possible solutions for improving Vi, making it quite slow to run, since each line had to be parsed every time the application ran.

The main goal of the Vim9 script is to drastically improve performance. This is achieved by compiling commands into commands that can be run efficiently. Thus an increase in execution speed from 10 to 100 times is expected. A secondary goal was to avoid Vim-specific commands and move closer to commonly used programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, TypeScript, and Java.

But performance improvements can only be achieved if they are not 100% backwards compatible. For those who have a large collection of legacy scripts: Don't worry! They will continue to operate as before. There are no plans to stop supporting legacy scripts. There will be no dramas like with the Python 2 deprecation. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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