Peripherals and accessories industry STOP indecency

Apple's iPhone cables are a very big business: Reportedly, there are approximately 1,2 billion active iPhones this moment. And if their charging cables need to be replaced once or twice a year, as many users confirm, at about $20 a cable, you could buy a Twitter a year for the same amount…

and waste

This will be over soon. A new bill for the recently announced ubiquitous device cables are directly applicable only to devices sold in the EU, India seems poised to follow Europe's example….

The move will almost certainly see Apple permanently abandon its approach to chargers for future versions of the world's most popular smartphone.

Even Greg Joswiak, the company's global head of marketing, admitted that the push for standardization in the EU means that Apple Lightning charging cables will likely they will stop. And very quickly indeed, considering that ten years ago Apple was calling them something like “cable standard for the next decade…"

This could generally reduce the temptation among tech companies, including Apple, to "innovate" by introducing proprietary components that regularly trigger a domino of costly upgrades.

The fact that every new iPhone seems to be randomly a millimeter different in size and shape in every direction means that brand new cases, mounts and screen protectors must be bought along with new headphones, all for the privilege of a few hundred pixels.

While this process may provide a welcome monetary incentive to the peripherals and accessories industry, it contributes to the massive environmental burden of e-waste, estimated at approx. 60 million tons per year — a number that is far greater than the world's heaviest man-made object, the Great Wall of China. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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  1. They will think of something to sell (for example they will tell you that you can charge the device with the compatible cable, but you can also do it with the new device that does the charging automatically, sends you messages, loves you and thinks of you ….
    And we will run to buy more and more expensive but also useless things

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