VirtualBox 7.0.0 final

Oracle today released the final version of its virtualization software VirtualBox 7.0.0. The new version is a major milestone for the cross-platform app as it improves support for Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system among other new virtual box

VirtualBox 7.0.0 is available for all supported operating systems. Those who are intrested they can download it from the official website for the platform they are using, Windows, macOS, Linux and Solaris.

Existing installations can be upgraded by installing the new version. All virtual machines that existed in the previous version will also be migrated to the new version.

Oracle's VirtualBox 7.0.0 release brings several important changes in terms of operating system support. It finally got the ability to run Windows 11 as the main operating system. The previous stable version of VirtualBox, which is 6.1.36, did not support Windows 11.

The official changelog it lists only the main features that were added or improved in the new version of the virtualization software.

As we mentioned above, it is now possible to install Windows 11 on virtual machines without facing hardware compatibility issues. It is known that Microsoft changed the hardware requirements of Windows 11, (processor, TPM and RAM) and VirtualBox could not provide them through the virtualization software, even if the host system met all the requirements.

Another new feature of VirtualBox 7.0.0 is the ability to fully encrypt virtual machines. This includes VM configuration logs and saved states. The feature is only available from the command line interface at this time. However, it adds a layer of protection to virtual machines when they are used.

The audio codec used by VirtualBox is now Vorbis instead of Opus. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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