VirusTotal with new ASCII style web page

VirusTotal has made available to the public a new ASCII style web site. The new page was released publicly on a weekly basis and is designed for visitors who use older browsers who want a minimalist experience or who want to remember that they were links to BBS or a terminal in the early days of the Internet.VirusTotal with new ASCII style web page

Due to the minimal size of the page, the new UI is ideal for mobile browsers that usually use slow connections.

The new VirusTotal website is located at and is rendered only with text, without any images.

It also uses little JavaScript to reduce size and improve loading times.

This optimization based on speed tests at Pingdom makes the page respond immediately. The regular page located at has a page size of 947,9 KB, loading time 425 ms and contains 35 requests. The new environment only has a page size of 6.1 KB, loading time 266 ms and 6 requests.

The new page works as well as the regular page. You can still submit files and URLs and you will be shown to scan results.

The new UI, although it looks great in modern browsers, still needs a lot of work to get a beautiful look in applications like Lynx.


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