Shopping with Visa online? They can guess your CVC

Do you buy online with your credit card (Visa), and you think you're safe? Think again, because it seems much easier for crooks to guess your credentials.

According to a survey by Newcastle University, there is a black hole in credit card security that makes it very easy for hackers to retrieve sensitive information. visa

Researchers have discovered that if they try their speculation about the CVC number of the card on many different websites, security systems are not activated and the owner will not be alerted to suspicious activity.

The above video shows that hackers need only six seconds with a specially designed toolbox to reveal the CVC of a card.

By creating data collected from many speculations made on different websites-purchases, the software is able to quickly gather information such as the expiration date of the card, the owner's address and / or the CVC. The technique is rumored to have been used in a Tesco incident earlier this month.

Researchers report that only Visa cards are vulnerable to the specific security flaw, as other card issuers such as MasterCard track the hacker's attempts to guess items from different websites. The Visa ecosystem, however, is not set to watch many online shopping.

Before publishing their findings to IEEE Security & Privacy 2017 (PDF), the investigators informed Visa, but the company, unfortunately, does not seem to have taken their findings seriously, telling The Independent that "the investigation does not take into account the multiple anti-fraud layers that exist within the payment system, each of which you must pay in order for a transaction to take place. ”

Credit cards are a perfect example of the old technology that still exists in a modern world.

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