Visual Studio Code for Web for free and without an account

Microsoft has announced a web version of the Visual Studio Code IDE. This allows users to access a lightweight version of a popular code editor without having to download and install additional applications on their computers.

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To get started with Visual Studio Code for Web, open the page with your preferred browser. Open a folder with your project and start coding. Microsoft does not even require an Account to access

Although it calls the Visual Studio Code for Web as a "light" version, the IDE is a fairly powerful tool. You can use it to view and edit local files, create HTML, JavaScript and CSS applications on the client side.

This is possible even on devices that cannot run Visual Studio code, such as Chromebooks or iPads. Also, if your browser does not support the API for local file systems, you can upload individual files and they will work in Visual Studio Code for Web.

Microsoft says Visual Studio Code for Web provides a better coding experience using webby languages ​​such as JSON, HTML, and CSS. In these scenarios, is almost identical to the corresponding desktop application.

You can also use it in TypeScript, JavaScript and Python projects that run natively in a browser. Finally, supports "heavy" programming languages ​​with some limitations. For example, the web-based IDE does not offer a terminal and debugging. You can not compile, run and edit applications.

However, many existing tools and features have no problems, such as UI customization, themes, key mappings, snippets, and extensions. In addition, you can make various settings from all devices.

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You can read the announcement at official webpage.

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