Vivaldi 1.14 RC 2: New Version with Vertical Reading and Markdown

Vivaldi launches version 1.14 to celebrate its third anniversary of its first public technical preview. With this update, Vivaldi becomes the first browser to introduce a vertical reading feature. Vivaldi

This version also includes Markdown support for notes, restructured Web Panels, and the ability to rearrange search engines.

For the vertical reading function, we should mention that it concerns more the users from East Asia (Chinese, Japanese and Koreans) whose writing is done vertically.

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However, Vivaldi Browser is the first browser to support vertical text display, and this feature reflects the priority of individual user needs. It is the fact that makes the difference, as it shows that the company is chasing innovation.

With Vivaldi Reader View, users can access content and enjoy an unrestricted reading environment. They can change the font, adjust the row height, column width and switch to a dark or light background.

It should also be noted that, as usual, with each release, Vivaldi tries to improve the differentiation features without relying on additives. Notes is one of the most popular features along with Tabs, Tab Tiling and an extended browsing history feature. Users can take notes in the sidebar of the browser, comment on websites and take screenshots while browsing.

In version 1.14, the note-taking function directly from the browser upgraded with Markdown support, a natural and intuitive formatting method used by many sites such as GitHub and Reddit.

Users can now add additional formats such as headers, bold lines and bulleted lists to their notes while browsing the web.

You can try the new browser from the following links

Download Vivaldi (1.14.1077.39)

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