Vivaldi 4.0 with email client, calendar, and RSS reader all-in-one

Vivaldi users will now be able to control the emails, calendar and RSS feeds they choose through built-in tools in the browser: version 4.0 released today includes the beta version of Vivaldi Mail, which promises a more private alternative solution versus the web applications of large companies.

Even if we are not interested in the potential benefits of privacy, Vivaldi offers something that many users may need: an all-in-one application for browsing, emailing and scheduling.


The email client supports IMAP and POP accounts, so you can connect to most email services very easily and open your messages in tabs instead of the current window. This is a very convenient idea, especially if you are the type who reads emails frequently.

Having your email available in the browser sidebar, you can quickly check if you have unread messages.

Calendar and RSS applications also have many of the features you need. For example, the RSS reader also supports YouTube channels, which could be very useful for those who are concerned that an algorithm decides not to display a creator's videos.

Another feature of this Vivaldi update is the built-in translation. From today, the browser will be able to translate entire web pages (automatically, if you want) into 50 languages, and the company says it will expand to support 109 languages ​​very soon. While the mail tools only come in the browser for desktops, the translation will also be available on Android devices.

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