Vivaldi now also in the Microsoft Store

Vivaldi is a browser based on Chromium. It's also a spiritual successor to the original Opera app, and is available for download from the Microsoft Store starting today.

Vivaldi Technologies has announced the launch of the app from her official Twitter account, giving customers another method to download Vivaldi on Windows 10 and 11.Vivaldi

For those who don't know, Vivaldi is a privacy-focused, feature-rich Chromium-based browser. It offers many unique features and options to enhance your browsing experience, such as tab listing, tab stacks, workspaces, sidebars, built-in privacy tools, cross-platform sync, customization features, Mail, Calendar, RSS Reader and more. You can also speed up your interaction with the browser using mouse gestures, macros, and shortcuts.

Vivaldi has frequent updates and feature enhancements that add new features and enhance existing ones. For example, version 6.0, the latest version of Vivaldi, brought workspaces and a new customization tool to personalize the user interface with custom icons and multiple themes.

Vivaldi works on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android. The browser is available on the official website, but from today you can also download it from Microsoft Store. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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