VLC for Android 3.5.0

In September 2021, the 3.4 of VLC Player for Android with bookmarks and Audio player redesign.library video landscape tablet medium

Recently, VLC player has been upgraded to version 3.5 which brings new features and improvements. The new VLC 3.5 version brings new Widgets and improvements to video player.

The company says:

VideoLAN is proud to release the new major version of VLC for Android. It comes with new widgets, network media indexing, better support and foldable devices, audio display design improvements, improved accessibility and performance improvements.

Read more at change log and to official webpage

Download the app:

VLC for Android, VLC, Android, iguru
VLC for Android, VLC, Android, iguru VLC for Android, VLC, Android, iguru VLC for Android, VLC, Android, iguru

Or try getting the APK package from them company servers

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VLC for Android, VLC, Android, iguru

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