VLC Media Player 3.0.13 download the new version

VideoLAN, maker of the popular VLC Media Available for various operating systems (desktop and mobile), it has just released the final version VLC 3.0.13 for all platforms, Windows, MacOS and Linux.

The new version does not yet exist on the official website, but we will see it soon.

VLC Media Player

The new version also fixes various issues from previous versions, which caused the app to close on iOS, various exit issues and video, as well as a distortion in videos running on Mac OS Mojave.

The company VideoLAN, continues its development VLC Media Player 4.0, the next major version of the rep appof multimedia. You can download the final version 3.0.13 on the platform you are interested in from the following links (contains all the files that exist in the application repositories):



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