VLC Media Player 3.0.8 security update

On July 27, 2019 we had indicates a vulnerability in VideoLAN's popular VLC Media Player application:

A critical security vulnerability in VLC Media Player recently discovered by the German CERT-Bund allows for remote code execution.

The vulnerability exists in VLC Media Player since version, and is described in the bulletin CVE-2019-13615. Version is the latest fixed version of the application.

VLC Media Player

According to the security bulletin, the successful exploitation of the vulnerability allows the unauthorized disclosure of information, the unauthorized modification of files and the termination of the service.

But today VideoLAN, the maker of the popular VLC Media Player available in various operating systems (desktop and mobile), just was released the final version of VLC 3.0.8 for all platforms, Windows, MacOS and Linux.

The new version according to the company fixes the security gap we mentioned. So everyone who uses the application should immediately upgrade:

Download the new version



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