Video recording with VLC media player

If you ever need to write on a video that you do on your desktop, and you already use the VLC media player, you will not need any other specialist unless you are a professional.

Although there are too many special tools to record your screen, with VLC you will not need any of them.VLC media player

VLC Media Player, we know it as a very flexible video player, but it also has many additional features.

Yes the application can record your screen without any additional software.

Let's see how:

Open VLC Media Player and click the Media tab in the toolbar and Convert / Save.
From the Capture Device tab, change the Capture mode drop-down box to Desktop.

Set a frame rate per second within the settings. For a basic recording of your features on your desktop, select 15FPS and it should be enough. If you need high quality recording, try 30FPS.

Larger numbers mean smoother records, but also a larger file size.
Click the Convert / Save button to open the next dialog box. Select "Browse" next to the "Destination file" box and select where you want to save the video when you have finished recording.

Click the Start button to start recording. The VLC will record everything you do on your screen without showing any indication of what it is doing.

To stop recording, click Stop and VLC will automatically save the file. You will find it waiting for you in MP4 format at the location you defined earlier.

Please note that VLC does not offer advanced features, making it very easy to use.


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