Vodafone increase in the price of SMS what you can do

Vodafone has announced that from July 7, 2021, it will have the CU XCLUSIVE 10 package exclusively for students.
CU XCLUSIVE 10 provides 1400 minutes to all national mobile and fixed networks, 1400 SMS to all mobile networks and 1800MB for 30 days with 10 €. The CU XCLUSIVE 10 will be available to all new and existing subscribers who have an active student offer on a Vodafone CU prepaid card.


From 07 July 2021 abolished for all existing and new customers with active student offer on Vodafone CU prepaid, the CU Xclusive 7 student package that provides 1000 minutes to all national mobile and fixed networks and 600MB for 30 days with 7 €. Subscribers who have activated or will activate the above package until July 7, 2021, will continue to use the package with existing benefits until they expire or until their benefits are exhausted.

According to the company's press release from July 07, 2021 the charge for SMS increases from 0,25 € / sms to 0,2944 € / sms. This change does not affect the SMS included in the commercially available prepaid packages but only the charge per sms, outside the package.

At the end press release The company states that, due to the changes, the affected prepaid subscribers have the right to terminate their contract free of charge, within one month from the date of application of the changes.

Consumer rights so that you do not get caught unread

So the customer of the company that has a commitment with a contract, will be able to change its service package, at no cost if one of the services of its package is problematic.

To put it another way, if the customer of the company has a fixed and mobile telephony package (and internet) and some of these services have a problem, they can terminate the whole package, at no cost.

The second major improvement approved by National Telecommunications & Post Commission for telecommunications contracts, is that in the event that the consumer terminates an earlier binding on the same contract, the compensation for the remainder of the freezing period will be charge.

In simple Greek, if a service that costs (nominally) 50 euros per month and was provided by the provider at a discount e.g. at 25 euros, the compensation for the remaining year of the binding contract was made on the basis of the nominal charge, ie 50 euros.

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  1. We are essentially talking about cost increases.
    For cost increases in a country whose population is, from African to bankrupt.
    At the same time we are talking about high cost of services that, in other more affluent countries, are provided at a lower cost to its citizens.

    The EU is welcome and her puppets here, until Hellenism awakens, to cut the pills and lick in regime groups and, above all, to take his fate into his own hands.

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