Voksi Cracker of Denuvo offers assistance free of charge

In recent years, the name Voksi has become synonymous with gaming cracking, especially with regard to the protection of Denuvo. This week, the talented cracker (Bulgarian citizen) released a 90 minute video, revealing how he broke the V4 of Denuvo's famous technology.

Here is an interview he gave to TorrentFreak.

Earlier this week, the 4.9 version of Denuvo's protection system, which protected it Assassin's Creed Origin in recent months, was defeated by the Italian CPY cracking team.Voksi

Although Denuvo will probably report the four months of protection as a success, the company would prefer its protection to take a little longer, mainly after Ubisoft's decision to use VMProtect protection technology.

But let's talk about Voksi, as we said this week, we released a 90 minute video (below) describing how to break Denuvo's V4 technology.

Video is not for everyone, so anyone unfamiliar with the sport will probably find it boring. However, you may be thrilled to learn that Voksi recently knew nothing of the code…

"You will find this very funny and unbelievable," says Voksi, recalling what happened in 2012.

"There was a game called Sanctum and in a free [play] weekend [on Steam], my best friend and I played. I saw how nice the collaboration was. When the free weekend was over, we wanted to keep playing, but we didn't have the money to buy the game.

"So I started looking for alternative ways, LAN emulators, anything! Then I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. That's how I got to reverse engineering. I started watching some poor quality YouTube videos and taking some lessons. Then I found some Steam exploits and so I started making Steamworks fixes, allowing multiplayer between players. ”

Voksi reports that his entire career began with this game and his desire to play with his best friend. Before that, he had absolutely no experience. He never attended any university lesson or other lesson on the subject. Everything he knows comes from material he found on the internet. But the plate does not stop there.

"I do not even know how to encode properly with C #, C ++, etc. But I understand assembly very well," he explains.

It has been six years since 21 was originally motivated to break a toy due to a lack of money. Almost half a decade since then, his motives have not changed much.

"I provide paid things for free to people who can not afford them. "Of course, I'm not saying do not support developers if you have the money."

"The challenge of cracking encourages me, especially with a company like Denuvo. It is a pure cancer for the toy industry, it does not help and it causes problems to the paying customers ".

Those who follow Voksi online will know that, apart from being known for themselves, he is also a member of REVOLT team.

"REVOLT started as a team with a single goal - to provide support to players who use cracked games."

In communities like / r / crackwatch in Reddit, Voksi and his friends have become something like heroes on the Internet, breaking games to give access to the masses.

"Well, I do not see myself as a hero, but as an ordinary person doing what he loves. I like to see people happy because of my job, that's a big motivation, but nothing more than that. ”

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