Early April Fool's joke: Volkswagen becomes Voltswagen in the US

If you find it difficult to say "Volkswagen" correctly, we have good news. The famous car company will soon become "Voltswagen" in the US to reflect its changes in electric cars.

The company made the official announcement on the website of Volkswagen Media USA. Volkswagen is changing a letter to show its focus on the electric car market.

However, Volkswagen states that the name change does not mean a change in the company's quality control. Scott Keogh, President and CEO of Volkswagen America, he says:

We may change our K for a T, but what we do not change is the commitment of this brand to build top-class vehicles for drivers around the world. The idea of ​​a "human car" is our very existence. We have said since the beginning of our transition to an electric future that we will build EVs for millions of people, not just millionaires. This name change means a farewell to our past as a car of the peoples and our firm belief that our future is the electric car of the peoples.

The company will complete the name change in May 2021. Until then, Volkswagen wants to unveil its new electric SUV, called ID.4.

Once upon a time, electric cars were not something that car manufacturers and the general public took very seriously. However, over time, electric cars are becoming a reality.

The Volkswagen name change may seem silly, but the company needs to make big changes to survive future gasoline bans.

Who knows; Her idea may not seem funny when electric vehicles are enforced by law.

CORRECTION 31/03/2021: The Reuters and Wall Street Journal anonymous sources claim that on Thursday, Volkswagen will reveal that the name change is not real. According to a source in the Wall Street Journal, "It's an early silly April Fools joke, part of a weird marketing campaign."

The title was also corrected.

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