Volkswagen after the scandal offers Car-Net Safe and Secure for free

In previous publication, we reported that Volkswagen refused to help locate a stolen car with a 2-year-old boy inside until someone paid to activate the tracking service.

After hundreds of negative posts the automaker says it's very sorry this happened and is making its connected emergency vehicle service free on most 2020-2023 Volkswagens. volkswagen red

"The family is thankfully reunited, but the criminal failure of the process is heartbreaking to me," said Rachael Zaluzec, VW's SVP of customer experience, brand and marketing. “As a mum and an aunt, I can only imagine how painful this incident must have been. Words cannot adequately express how truly sorry I am for what the family has been through."

“Volkswagen must and will do better for everyone who trusts our brand and for the law enforcement officials charged with protecting us. In addition to fully investigating what went wrong and the actions taken to address the failure, we also want to do the right thing for the future. Today, we set a new standard for customer peace of mind. From June 1, we will make these connected emergency vehicle services free for five years as an important step in our commitment to our owners and their families.” Zaluzec reported.

Most MY2020 or newer VWs can use connected services, except the MY2020 Passat.

From June, owners can sign up for five years free of charge to Car-Net Safe and Secure, which uses the vehicle's built-in modem to connect to emergency services via the car's SOS button.

Gasoline VWs also have anti-theft alerts. VW also says that remote access to Car-Net will be available free of charge for five years. This allows owners to interact with their car through a mobile app, being able to lock and unlock the doors, honk the horn, flash the lights and remotely start the vehicle. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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