Check if the VPN you are using is secure

Οι πάροχοι εικονικών δικτύων ή (Virtual Provider Networks – VPNs) χρησιμοποιούνται για διάφορους σκοπούς. Αυτοί συνήθως συμπεριλαμβάνουν την προστασία της ιδιωτικής ζωής στο Δια, βελτιώνοντας την ασφάλεια της s on the Internet, bypassing censorship and any type of restriction, or for purely professional purposes.

If te a VPN no matter what you need it for, you might want to be sure that your real IP address can be leaked.VPN leak

The reason for this is simple: The IP address points directly to you. So a court order on the virtual network provider is enough to reveal very private , such as the country and region you are connecting to.

Let's see if your VPN is leaking your IP address

The way I'll see below is unreservedly recommended for each time you connect to a virtual network, so to make sure that your connection does not leak information about your actual IP address. And if you do not do it all the time, try the test at least the first time you connect and then you can repeat it occasionally.

Υπάρχουν πολλές ιστοσελίδες που μπορείτε να χρησιμοποιήσετε για το σκοπό αυτό, και τα καλά νέα είναι ότι το μόνο που χρειάζεται είναι να ανοίξετε την to find out if your VPN is leaking information it shouldn't.

We will report three different websites to control leakage of IP.

Note: It is recommended that you disable any script blockers you use to run your tests, as they may block them controlled by DNS.

Let's look at the 3 pages:


If you see different IP addresses or regions, they report the IPv4 IP address, and the IPv6 IP address. Then there is a chance that third-party websites or other services can see both IP addresses.

Στις δοκιμές χρησιμοποιήσαμε το “VPN” του Opera (θα το λέγαμε καλύτερα ) και το ανώνυμο δίκτυο σε ένα σύστημα Linux.

We noticed that the anonymity in the Opera browser was not so absolute since the website, although it immediately displayed a different IPv4 IP than that of my actual connection, continued to search (it looks like a black marker under “No forwarded IP detected…. ”vpn-opera

On the same page using the anonymous Tor network, we had absolute results as you will see in the picture below.vpn-tor

The second service διαρροών δεν διαθέτει τόσο εξειδικευμένα εργαλεία όσο την πρώτη, ή αν τα διαθέτει δεν εμφανίζονται στα αποτελέσματα. Δηλαδή δεν φαίνεται να ελέγχει αν υπάρχουν διαρροές μέσω WebRTC, αν το proxy είναι ασφαλές κλπ.

Although this particular service has a button that says “Extended Does not display the results of the first.


As for the third page, although it looks like it does not show any results, or at least it did not show up in the system that we tested:

dnsleak The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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