VPS Cloud Hosting Offer from iGuRu.gr

Look at the prices below and try to find something similar in today's VPS market Hosting (Digital Ocean, Cloudways, SiteGround, Linode, Vultr, Scaleways etc).

Each service described below is as it stands. without hidden charges and with guaranteed results. The following services have nothing to do with any sharing hosting.

All servers have hardware protection for strong DDoS attacks.

Cloud servers run the latest generation of Intel Xeon CPUs (Skylake) and use ECC RAM. They use NVMe SSDs for storage.

VPS Backups daily, for easy restores previous. Backups cost an additional 25% of the server price. Backups are optional, as you can keep backups locally on your hard drive, or in the Cloud (Google Drive) with a free Plesk plugin.

They are running KVM as a hypervisor, and use virtio for virtual NICs and disks.

Operating Systems

Ubuntu, Centos, Debian,


All servers are located in Europe (Germany, Finland) for fast TTFB extension from and not only.

Features Prices

Web Panels:

The installation is free from the .gr for all panels. We recommend Plesk in the Web Pro version.


  Web ADMIN Edition Web PRO Edition Web HOST Edition
€ 6.21
Incl. 24% VAT
€ 8.69
Incl. 24% VAT
€ 26.18
Incl. 24% VAT

cPanel and

From € 39.68 per month
Incl. 24% VAT

CyberPanel: Free in its simple version

Run Cloud Select a package Prices

Additional SSD

Warranty Support

IGuRu.gr undertakes the provision and maintenance of Virtual Private Servers so that you can only deal with updating your site.

The platform that we support is WordPress. We can guarantee very secure and very fast sites, nothing to do with any sharing hosting or managed hosting on the market.

Results at the level of iGuRu.gr are not included in the above offer, but are available afterwards s. We undertake the transfer of your site for free.


In case you are interested in the above send us an email at vps [at] iguru [dot] gr with the specs you want, or fill out the contact form below.

If you need something else (web panel), extra support for faster speed, etc., you can mention it in the email.

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