VRadio free internet radio for everyone

The VRadio application can accompany you at any time of the day. Listen to free radio from stations worldwide.

Tune in and enjoy music from a unique user interface that is compact and very easy to use. Find the stations you are looking for in seconds.

It has a wide variety of stations from many countries around the world and is completely free, and supports Chromecast and UPnP / DLNA

The application is currently only available for Android and Windows. According to the developer, it will soon be released for iOS devices.

It should be mentioned here that the developer seems to be Greek (Voulimiotis Ioannis-Loukas) and that the application is already available in the Apple Store. Probably the official page that mentions "soon on iOS" has not been updated.

The app lets you listen to your favorite radio stations on your TV or the speakers you use with your device as a remote control.

Another very useful feature lets you find out which song is playing and search for it on YouTube.

Download the application from the official website

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