Brazil has banned the sale of iPhones without chargers

Brazil's government on Tuesday ordered Apple to stop selling iPhones without a battery charger in the country, arguing the company is providing an unfinished product to consumers. From reference:

The Justice Ministry fined Apple 12,275 million reais ($2,38 million) and ordered it to cancel the sale of the iPhone 12 and all newer models, which do not come with a power charger.

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In the order, published in the country's official gazette, the ministry argues that the iPhone lacks an essential element in a "deliberate practice that discriminates against consumers."

Authorities rejected Apple's argument that the practice was intended to reduce carbon emissions, saying there was no environmental protection evidence from selling the smartphone without a charger.

This is a model decision, which other countries should probably adopt immediately. To mention that Apple's decision to sells devices without chargers, announced on 16/09/2020. At the time the Cupertino company said the reason was environmental and claimed the step would save the carbon equivalent of more than 50.000 cars a year. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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