Brazil: regulator pulls iPhones from storefronts

The Ministry of Justice of Brazil ordered in September suspending sales of iPhones in the country after concluding that Apple is harming consumers by not offering the power adapter (charger) with the device.

Even after millions of dollars in fines, Apple is still not in compliance. So the consumer protection regulator decided to confiscate iPhones from retail stores. iphone 13

As originally mentioned by 9to5mac, Procon-DF has already seized “hundreds of iPhones in different retail stores in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.

In an action called “Operation Discharge,” the regulator aims to force Apple to comply with local laws that require smartphones to be shipped with the charger included in the package.

According to the publication, the iPhones were seized from the stores of telephone carriers and authorized Apple resellers.

The regulator has ordered a ban on any iPhone model that does not come with a charger in the box. Although Apple stopped offering “free” chargers with the iPhone 12, the company decided to do the same with the iPhone 11, that is, to give them away without a charger.

After the seizure of the iPhones, Apple Brazil asked the government to allow sales of the smartphone in the country pending a final decision. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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