Find the song you're looking for by humming it into Google

Google helps you find that song that's stuck in your head but you can't remember the title. Just whisper it to them.

google search song

In addition to our article 5 applications for recognizing a song to complete another solution that does not require installation. This is the well-known Google.

Remember those times when you had a song stuck in your head but didn't know what it was? Where were you trying to imitate his music maybe someone in the group knows it? Google has that solution for you too.

Enter the Google application from your Android phone and press the microphone located in the search bar. Then click the “Search song".

Google will prompt you to play, sing or hum a song. If you want you can whistle it.

It may take a few seconds of trying to mouth the song you're looking for as best you can, until Google's algorithm finds the songs it thinks match. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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