Britain ends ban on legal but harmful content

Britain will not force tech companies to remove "legal but harmful" content from their platforms after activists and lawmakers raised concerns that the move could limit free speech, the government said. on Monday. Reuters he says:

free speech

Online safety laws will focus on protecting children and ensuring that companies remove content that is illegal or prohibited in their terms of service, the government says, adding that it will not specify what legal content it must remove. is censored. Companies such as Meta and Twitter will be prohibited from removing or restricting user-generated content, suspending user accounts, where there is no violation of the terms of service or the law, it said.

The previous law required social media companies to be fined up to 10% of turnover, or around $22 million, if they failed to remove harmful content, while senior executives could also face criminal fines.

The proposed legislation, which was already long delayed before the latest version, would remove state influence over how private companies manage legal content, the government said, and avoid the risk of them removing legal publications to avoid penalties.

The revised internet safety bill, which returns to parliament next month, allows tech companies to remove content that violates their terms of service and enforce age limits to prevent children from bypassing authentication methods.

If users come across controversial content such as racism, anti-Semitism or misogyny that is not criminally punishable, the platform should offer tools to help adult users avoid it. Only if platforms fail to comply with their own terms of service or remove criminal content could they be fined up to 10% of annual turnover.

Britain late on Saturday announced another new criminal offence, that of aiding or abetting self-harm online, would be included in the bill. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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