VSUsbLogon connection to Windows via USB

VSUsbLogon allows you to connect to Windows securely via a USB device, replacing the classic Windows connection that uses a password.

With the application you will no longer need to remember and enter the Windows password, but your system will still be password protected.


You can automatically connect to Windows by inserting a USB port into your computer port. VSUsbLogon lets you use a PIN to log in to Windows when a USB device is connected.

VSUsbLogon supports USB HDD, USB flash and other USB devices such as iPod, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy etc.

"Important! Many SD cards do not contain unique information (serial number,…) for clear identification. In other words, VSUsbLogon may not be able to distinguish between two different SD cards. So you need to be careful if you use an SD card to connect to your computer. In this case, we can write a unique secret encrypted file to the SD card (and to the USB device). This file will be used for additional SD card recognition. This functionality has not been implemented yet, but we can add it if you want. ”

All user data is encrypted using the AES 256 algorithm, and is encrypted using a unique encryption key that depends on each user's unique settings.

usblogon logon mgr assoc

To configure the connection process (after installing VSUsbLogon) run the application, connect a USB device to the computer, select a USB device, and press the "Assign" button. In the window that will open ("Assign USB To User") fill in the fields and you are ready.

You can set an action (lock, disconnect, hibernate, turn on standby, turn off, or restart the computer) that will be performed after inserting / removing the USB device.
Upon successful connection between USB device and user, the application window will appear as follows:

usblogon logon mgr

How can you connect to Windows with USB?

VSUsbLogon will add a USB connection icon to the Windows connection screen when the USB you set up is connected.

Download the application

VSUsbLogon VSUsbLogon
Version: 1.13.3
Platforms: Windows 10/8/7 / Vista (Windows XP is not supported)
Distribution type: free software
Windows 32-bit, EXE Installer, VSUsbLogon_Setup_x86.exe, 2.8 Mb
SHA-256 hash: 0E7E5747CFF1CCEFBACD1EC37768FD9B631F6C8E6F3210FDE978A3AD71514768
Use this version only for Windows 10/8/7 / Vista 32-bit!
Windows 64-bit, EXE Installer, VSUsbLogon_Setup_x64.exe, 3.6 Mb
SHA-256 hash: 6CFC39FA154ED238ED95DC60BD6C013EF9BAFB89BBFEF3F51E993F62721AD385
Use this version only for Windows 10/8/7 / Vista 64-bit!

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