VueTube: New, nice and promising YouTube application !!!

The sudden "padlock" of the application YouTube Advanced, brought great dissatisfaction to the general public, as it was the first choice for users to watch videos on the famous platform without ads.

So here comes a new and very promising application called VueTube. It is at an early stage at this stage but it promises to launch our entertainment in the near future.

It is an open source application with many features and a beautiful interface!



  • artThemes: Light, Dark, OLED
  • paint brushCustomizable interface: You can completely customize the color of the application and remove features you are not using!
  • arrow_upAutomatic update: Manual update and downgrade if you do not like or are not satisfied with an upgrade!
  • eyePrivacy Policy: Does not send your data to YouTube


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Future additions

  • magAdvanced Search
  • newspaper_ rollLocal tracking history
  • TVA custom video player
  • pair of scissorsShorts
  • adultGoogle Account Login
  • box_imagePicture in picture function


Application snapshots

home search watch

You can download the program from here.

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