VulnerableApp: OWASP VulnerableApp Project

As Web Applications become more popular nowadays, we have a greater need to keep them secure.

Although there are many vulnerability scanners, when developing these tools, developers should try them out for a start.

In addition, they need to know how well each tool that scans for vulnerabilities works.

At present, there are few or no such applications for testing such tools.

There are also deliberately vulnerable applications on the market, which are intended for this use but therefore delay their scalability because adding new vulnerabilities is quite difficult.

So developers resort to creating their own vulnerable applications, which is quite painful.

starting screen

The VulnerableApp has been created with these factors in mind. The VulnerableApp  It accepts extensions even from the user himself and it is easy for someone to understand its use.

As resolving the above issue requires the addition of various vulnerabilities, it therefore becomes a very good platform to learn various vulnerabilities related to important security issues.

Future Goal

Going further, this application can become a vulnerability database. So in the future, it can be used to host CTF and can also become a benchmark for vulnerability scanning tools.

Information about the installation and use of the application, you will find here.

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