vuls: Vulnerability Scanner for Linux / FreeBSD

For a system administrator, having to do a security analysis of his system and software updates on a daily basis can be a burden.

To avoid wasting time and being more productive at work, it is common for a system administrator to choose not to use the automatic update option provided by the package manager and to perform the update manually. This leads to the following problems.

  • A system administrator should be constantly on the lookout for new vulnerabilities in NVD (National Vulnerability Database) or similar databases.
  • It is not possible for the system administrator to monitor the entire operating system if there is a large amount of software on the server.
  • It is expensive to perform an analysis to identify the servers affected by new vulnerabilities. It is possible for a server to be compromised during the analysis.


Vuls is a tool created to solve the problems listed above. It has the following features.

  • Informs users about system-related vulnerabilities.
  • Informs users about affected servers.
  • Vulnerability detection is done automatically to avoid any breach.
  • The report is generated on a regular basis using CRON or other methods. for vulnerability management.
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General characteristics

  • Performs Scan to find vulnerabilities in Linux/ FreeBSD Server
  • Scans software that is not included in the operating system package management
  • It has impeccable architecture
  • No approval required before scanning to AWS
  • It has automatic creation of a configuration file template
  • Notification is possible via email and Slack
  • The scan result is visible in programs such as the TUI Viewer in the terminal or UI Web (VulsRepo).

Application Screenshots


You can download the program from here

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