Waifu free image analysis and noise reduction

Waifu: Cameras on phones are constantly being improved, which makes it much easier to take pictures without much concern about lighting. But many times there is "noise" in the photos. The following application will help you reduce the "noise" in an image, but also improve its resolution.

Waifu is a small web-based utility designed to reduce the noise in an image and improve its resolution.

Waifu is easy to use. select the photo you want to correct. You can upload the photo from your hard drive or simply enter the URL of the image, as long as it meets the following conditions:

The Waifu web application has certain limits: such as the size of the image that should not exceed 3MB. Can achieve noise reduction: 2560x2560px, and Upscaling: 1280x1280px

Once you have selected the image, select the noise reduction level, how much you want to enhance the image and click the Convert button. (You can use the Download button after Convert but you will need to declare again that you are not a robot).

I tested the application with a .jpg image that was twice compressed as a JPEG with a high compression level.

See the results with the features we selected.


The first is the image processed by the application, and the second is the processed image.

The size of the first was 351 KB in dimensions 1920 × 1080

And the size of the second reached 6 MB (!) In resolution 3840 × 2160 (!)

There is an obvious difference between the two photos. (You can click to enlarge both). The result of course depends on the noise of the photo, but anyway it is worth trying the application (which is completely free).

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