WannaCry one year after: still nagging on the web?

It's been a year since the WannaCry ransomware's big attack that caused damage to over 230.000 computers. The malicious it spread so quickly because the development team had combined the ransomware with EternalBlue, a tool leaked from the NSA's "hacking arsenal." EternalBlue allowed WannaCry to use worm-like capabilities to install itself on vulnerable Windows systems.

Tech Virus by acesHD Digital Art (inverted iGuRu.gr)

Initially many believed that WannaCry was emailed, but ransomware did not require any interaction between its users - victims. With the EternalBlue and a leaked tool from the NSA DoublePulsar), the worm was looking for vulnerable SMB ports to enter vulnerable systems.

Once exploits for SMB were detected, they were used not only to spread WannaCry on a single computer, but also to transmit it to all computers on the same network.

Spanish mobile operator Telefónica was one of the first big ones που ανέφεραν by WannaCry, while by the afternoon of May 12, the UK NHS was reporting problems in hospitals, medical surgeries across the country, and thousands of online appointments.

The French car industry και η γερμανική εταιρεία σιδηροδρόμων Deutsche Bahn υπήρξαν επίσης στη λίστα με τα θύματα υψηλού προφίλ στην Ευρώπη, ενώ μερικά Ρώσικα υπουργεία και εταιρείες της χώρας δεν γλύτωσαν την καταστροφή.

Attackers called for 300 dollars at a specific address and threatened to double the ransom if they were not paid within three days. If the victim did not pay within a week, their files would be deleted.
Of course the ασφαλείας αλλά και οι κυβερνήσεις δεν προτείνουν να πληρώσετε λύτρα. Ποιος όμως από αυτούς μπορεί να αναπληρώσει τα χαμένα δεδομένα; Ο αντίλογος βέβαια ήρθε από ερευνητές που they discovered that even if ransom was paid, encryption of ransomware did not allow decryption of files.

But what did this story tell us? Before the evil started, everything was calm as it is today. Friends chatted on Facebook, trolls raced on Twitter, and others were looking for a good movie for the night.
Among them, and among us there are many who have not kept a backup of their system. Or others kept it, but have it on a portable drive, permanently connected to their computer. Mention the carefree people who bought (or broke) a super duper antivirus…
Yes, they are the same people who, after the "unfortunate" moment, desperately seek help, in chats, forums and from the technicians of the company or the neighborhood.

What did you learn from history?

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