Washington DC 123 from 187 CCTV devices were infected with ransomware

City officials and the Secret Service have confirmed that CCTV cameras in Washington DC have become hackers. According to information, 70 percent of CCTV surveillance devices were infected with ransomware.CCTV

According to the Washington Post:

City officials have reported that police cameras were infected with ransomware between 12 January and 15 January, Cyber-attack has affected 123 from 187 video recorders containing the network, a closed-circuit television system for public places across the city.

The secret service representative, Brian Ebert, said the public's safety was not compromised.

Archana Vemulapalli, Chief Technology Officer of the city, said they did not pay a ransom and that they are planning to solve the problem by unplugging offline devices. Then you have to remove the infected operating system by resetting it to each camera.

Vemulapalli said the research is in progress and it is not believed that other computer networks have been broken in the city.

The fact that hackers used ransomware to pollute city CCTV shows that their goal was money and not access to the security system. The ransomware as you know usually locks the infected system, making it useless until the ransom is paid by the victim.

Officials report that so far two different forms of ransomware have been discovered.

The police department insists that "there was no significant impact" from the infection but for now there are limited details about the incident. They claim that the hack will not affect any criminal investigations.

Let us also mention that the investigations at the moment have not led to a suspect.

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