See what information your browser watches

Most of you know that your browser is monitoring what sites you see and records them in your browsing history. What you may not know is that your browser is watching much more.

clickclickclick browser

Η Clickclickclick is a website that through a funny and playful process can help you understand what information is tracked when you visit a page.

When you enter this site you will receive a large green button and the prompt to turn on your speakers (if they are not already activated). Every move you make on the page will be recorded and will appear as text. Recognizes and records when you move your mouse cursor when you right or left click the button when you move the mouse in one direction if you are left inactive when you move your mouse fast,

Although at first you will feel a shiver about what you see in browser your Clickclickclick creators with a sense of humor have included a list of achievements you can unlock. Something like a toy. A total of 120 achievements can be unlocked, which requires you to make some rather unsuspecting and jarring moves on the site. every achievement is a feature the browser has to monitor.

This site was created to give a common user a good idea of ​​what a browser is and what it can do without your knowledge.

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