Waymo's new Google company for self-drive vehicles

Yes, Google will no longer manufacture self-propelled cars. Waymo will do it.

Basically, the Google X auto-drive unit, formerly codenamed Chauffeur, is reportedly becoming an independent company under the Alphabet umbrella. New Waymo CEO Jon Krafcik made the announcement today at a press conference in Califronia.Waymo

As TechCrunch says, Google's automotive department recently acquired executives from experienced business leaders. Krafcik, who was hired this year, was working for Hyundai, while former Airbnb CEO and TripAdviser Shaun Stewart was also recently recruited to strengthen the team.

With the creation of Waymo, Alphabet seems to be trying to promote new technology in the real world by exploring collaborations with existing automakers instead of trying to completely eliminate the driver-man from the equation.

The move was more likely to be expected, considering Alphabet's raison d'être, which has come to separate Google's functions, but also the delay in the promotion of self-driving by regulators.

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