Would you have a product made of your DNA?

How would you feel wearing a leather coat made of your DNA? Or hold a leather bag that no one else can claim to be his own?

human_leather DNA

In a not too distant future, all of this may become a reality. This idea was presented by a fashion designer at the conference Biofabricate which took place in New York and which focused on new developments in organic materials.

Fashion designer Tina Gorjanc, responsible for the project Pure Human, imagines a near future where biotechnology will penetrate the luxury market, and warns about the legislative gaps that protect human genetic information.

Gorjanc presented her first project this year in this area, and said he could create leather products with synthetic human skin that will "grow" from the DNA the famous fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Although Gorjanc has not yet made this step since its creations are made of pigmented pigmented pigmented skin that resembles human, it has already filed a patent application in the United Kingdom for the entire production process.

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