Free Web Content Filtering in Microsoft Defender

The new Web Content Filter feature from Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) will be available for free to all corporate customers without any additional permission required.

Web Content Filtering is part of Microsoft Defender ATP Internet Security and allows security administrators to design and deploy custom Web policies across their organizations, making it easy to monitor and control access. to sites based on their content category.

The feature is available on all major web browsers running Network Protection (Chrome and Firefox) or SmartScreen on the Edge.

Following customer feedback in a public preview released in late January, Microsoft decided to offer web content filtering "as part of the Microsoft Defender ATP without the need for any additional permissions."

"Now you enjoy the benefits of filtering web content without the need for additional permissions, hardware and costs", he said today Microsoft in a post on its blog.

Among the benefits of the new Web Content Filtering feature, Microsoft mentions:

  • Users are not allowed to access sites in blocked categories, or browse
  • You can easily develop different policies for different user groups using the device groups defined in the access control settings based on the role of Microsoft Defender ATP
  • You can access reports from the same central location

You can read more in the official announcement.

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