WebP files: what it is and how to open the files

The .webp extension is used by a format y developed by Google to reduce the size of images.

Images with the .webp extension, although very small in size, offer very good quality as they are designed to make web pages faster. They are usually used by developers.


What are WebP files?

The WebP format (pronounced Weppy) is the fraternal project of WebM video technology using the VP8 video encoder developed by On2 Technologies. Google acquired On2 Technologies on 19 February 2010 and then released the WebP format in September of the same year.

60% to 65% of the bytes on most web pages are images, so Google thought of creating a free, open source format that stores files with and without any particular loss in quality.

Maintaining quality but reducing image size, web pages load faster, use less bandwidth and save battery power - especially on mobile devices when web pages are using WebP images.

WebP format uses "predictive" compression to encode an image. It checks the values ​​in adjacent pixels to predict the values ​​of the next. It then encodes only the difference between them.

This allows pixels to be copied multiple times in a single file. The storage of only the that change between each block reduces storage space compared to PNG and JPEG formats. You can learn more from the official WebP compression techniques page.

WebP images are 26% smaller than PNG files and up to 34% smaller than JPEG files with structural similarity or SSIM.

How do I open WebP images?

Because WebP was developed by Google and is free, it is already integrated into many applications and software that you may already have on your computer. Most web browsers already have the plugin required to manage this format.

WebP images are designed for the web and can not be easily distinguished.

You can save a WebP image to your computer the same way you would any other image on the web. Right-click on the image and click on "Save Image as."

Select where you want the file to be saved and click on "Save".

Αν έχετε κάποια από τις εφαρμογές Chrome, Firefox, ή Opera, το μόνο που έχετε να κάνετε είναι ένα διπλό click στην εικόνα και θα ανοίγει με το προεπιλεγμένο .

You can edit WebP files using shared graphics software, such as GIMP, the Imagemagick or Microsoft Paint, which natively opens WebP files by default. Sta , κάντε δεξί κλικ στην εικόνα, τοποθετήστε το δείκτη του ποντικιού στην επιλογή “Open With” και, στη συνέχεια, επιλέξτε το με το οποίο θέλετε να την επεξεργαστείτε.

IrfanView, Windows Photo Viewer and Photoshop require plug-ins to open WebP images.

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