Western Digital has announced 22 TB CMR and 26 TB SMR hard drives with 10 drives

Western Digital yesterday announced at the What's Next Western Digital event two new hard drives of 22 TB CMR and 26 TB SMR with 10 plates and ePMR technology.

western digital

The company does not yet want the need to bring magnetic heat recording (HAMR). In fact, WD boosts capacity with energy-assisted PMR (ePMR) and OptiNAND technologies.

EPMR technology, very simply, is a technique that allows more bits to be added per inch, applying electricity to the main pole of the recording head throughout the recording operation.

Η OptiNAND technology respectively integrates a flash drive (EFD) iNAND Universal Flash Storage (UFS) into rotating drives (platter). To be clear, OptiNAND is not a flash cache, but a portion of flash memory used to store metadata.

In addition, Western Digital's new high-capacity discs are filled with helium (HelioSeal technology) to reduce friction on moving parts. The main change that is common to both records is the company's shift to 10 records.

The 22 TB Ultrastar DC HC570 and 26 TB Ultrastar DC HC670 are currently being tested on cloud computers. For ordinary mortals the units will be available next quarter. Their prices are not known yet.

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