What did Philae see when he was "jumping" on the comet!

What he saw Philae; It is undoubtedly the scientific event of the year. The European ship Rosetta managed to reach and get into orbit around the 67 / P Tsouriomov / Gerasimenos comet last August, and a month ago it sent a space device, a robotic lab to study and analyze the ground and the subsoil of the space rock.

The Philae spacecraft venture has provoked global interest and the public's interest turned for a few days to what happened 511 a million miles away from the Earth.Philae

Although the Philae failed to land smoothly on the comet - since due to lack of gravity the device bounced continuously until it reached a point between rocks where there was not enough light to function as normally planned - it managed to complete many important works and analyzes before it finally ceases to function.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has released a series of photographs recorded by Rosetta's camera during its fine business Philae.

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