How rich would anyone be if 2003 instead of an 17-inch PowerBook G4 had bought Apple shares? [Infographic]


There will certainly be a lot of people who have old MacBook and PowerBook dug in some corner of a wardrobe to collect dust having used them for several years. It is a "ugly" end for a computer that not only would have loved but would certainly have spent a lot to buy it. Was it worth it?

A question that TNW co-founder Patrick de Laive wanted to answer, who wondered what would happen if 2003 instead of spending 3.299 dollars on a 17-inch PowerBook G4, had bought Apple shares. The answer is that today he could buy a house with the money he would earn from the shares, while the value of the PowerBook G4 on eBay is just 50 dollars.

Take a look at the infographic:


Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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