What to do before selling your iPhone

Want to sell your iPhone? Whenever you succumb to the tempting offer of replacing your phone with a new one, you should remember that it is a portable device that hides a lot for you that you might not want to share with the unknown person who will succeed you as a user. In addition, your new phone may be nice, but you have to do it yourself.iphone malware

To replace your personal iPhone with the newest model, you should delete all your personal information forever after you have copied. With your Apple ID weapon and your password, start by downloading your backup. You can back up your disk (with iTunes) or iCloud. Step by Step Apple's instructions are posted at http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2109

As you will see, you are initially invited to turn it on iCloud Backup, connect it iPhone in the power and turn on Wi-Fi to connect. Then select the option Back Up Now to start transferring stored messages, e-mail accounts, photos, notes, paid apps, and other personal settings.

Life with your new iPhone will start with… deleting all its content and settings, in case you were tempted to play with it for a while, before you get ready to transfer all your valuable personal information. This is because you have to accept his help iOS Setup Assistant who gives you the choice to do Restore from iCloud (or iTunes) Backup with Apple ID and password per hand.

Once your files have been recovered, you will need to connect your iTunes phone to your computer to transfer files that you did not purchase from the iTunes Store or the App Store, such as music, videos, or apps.

Remember that after the order Erase All Content and Settings, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, Game Center, and other services are disabled. After you enter the password, iPhone Finder will no longer recognize the device as yours so that the next owner can activate it on its behalf.

Keep in mind that if you sign in to iCloud and start manually deleting photos, videos, contacts, documents, etc. from iPhone. you will lose them both from iCloud and other devices.

It is also interesting to know that if you forgot to delete everything from your phone and use iCloud and Find My iPhone, you can delete the content remotely (icloud.com/find) and then delete the device from the account your. If you can not do so, you must at least change a password for your Apple ID so it is not possible to delete your iCloud files from the new owner of your old device. See the Apple instructions at http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5661


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