WhatsApp allows you to send messages to yourself

WhatsApp has started rolling out a new feature that lets you send messages to yourself. According to WaBetaInfo, the new ability to send WhatsApp messages to yourself is now available on iOS with version 22.23.74 of the app, while on Android, the feature is available to some with version


Why message yourself with WhatsApp?

Many people find it useful to quickly jot down an idea, a reminder, or paste a web link into a message to themselves. The feature can also be useful for sharing files with yourself from one platform to another. For example, you could WhatsApp yourself a picture from your phone and download it to your computer with the desktop version of the messaging app.

Messaging platforms like Slack already allow users to send messages to themselves. Telegram also allows you to save messages for later or create a private channel where you can send messages to yourself. WhatsApp seems to have adopted what its competitors are doing by finally adding the new feature.

How can you send a message to yourself with WhatsApp?

Just open a new chat and select yourself as a contact. .
Messages sent to yourself will be visible on all your connected devices. WhatsApp will also feature end-to-end encryption on these conversations.

If you can't see the feature right now, you might have to wait a few days.

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